We are the producer of the herbal oils.


Talya is produced in Turkey with their fully automated cold press machines .


Talya Herbal Products Company which has FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005 quality management systems, is the manufacturer of the essential oil (apr. 100 type of essential and fixed oil), herbal cosmetics ( massage oil, herbal creams, care serums) and herbal extracts (liquid and solid ). 

Talya has its own steam distillation unit ( 3 metric tones capacity per a day ) , cold press machines (2-4 metric tones capacity per a day) and fully automated bottling system. 

Talya Herbal Products is the only local manufacturer on a 10 000 m2 field incorporating a 3 000 m2 indoor area. And our products have been granted the Certificate of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Foodstuff Manufacturing Certificate, which is in compliance with the Cosmetic Legislation of the Ministry of Health. 

We located in Antalya, because Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of plant diversity. There are about 12 000 plant species in the whole of Europe and about 10 500 0f these have been identified within the borders of Turkey and 30% of them are endemic. About %80 of these 10 500 species are grown in and around the Antalya region.